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Our company is taken advantage of the best machinery available for the production of following articles: - boxes Americans and fustellate in waved cardboard that they come second produced the dimensions supplied from the customer and with suitable material to the printed publication protection of the product and to 1 or more colors second the detailed lists of the customer
- boxes for peaks from I remove produced in several dimensions with generic press and to demand personalized
- containers for products of the confectionery industry. Normally fustellati in waved cardboard or cartoncino it is plateau for the delivery of the smaller product to wholesale is confection for the sale by piece (to see some examples of continuation)
- containers for ortofrutticoli products. In particolar way vaschette in cardboard for the sale
- containers for industrial special refusals or complete hospitals worker of envelope and laccetto of closing
- boxes in cardboard by piece coupled that they conjugate the high quality of the offset press with the robustness of the undulated one
- sheaths in cartoncino of several formats
- display, dispenser, exhibitors are from earth that gives bench realized normally with coupled cardboard
- covers with mechanism to rings personalized for catalogue
- arranges of recording realized in fibroneor similari materials (cartelle, binders, faldoni, recorders, boxes) also with the insertion of mechanisms of blocking and closing
- cartelle for meeting and conventions realized in cartoncino printed
- covers for fustellatura, incollatura and coupling.
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